Schedule for students in Grades 9-10

Period 1 8:55-10:10

Travel 5 minutes

Period 2 10:15-11:30

Snack/Announcements 11:30-11:40

Period 3 11:40-12:55

Lunch 12:55-1:38   (warning bell at 1:33)

Period 4 1:38 – 2:53


Schedule for students in Grades 11-12

Period 1 8:55-10:10

Travel 5 minutes

Period 2 10:15-11:30

Announcements/Lunch 11:30-12:18 (warning bell at 12:13)

Period 3 12:18-1:33

Travel 5 minutes

Period 4 1:38-2:53


Below you will find links to secondary teachers’ email addresses or (if applicable) websites.

Co-op Classes

Learning Services

Arms, M.

Blackburn, K.

Britton, R

Cassone, C.

Challenger, L.

Clarke, T.

Collings, R.

Colquhoun, C.

Craig, L.

DeBackere, A.

De Decker, J.

Dyke, S.

Edwards, K.

Elieff, D

Ensing, B

Faber, S.

Finkelstein, P.

Finnie, D.

Fischer, S.

Fisher, M.

Garcon, N.

Gerber, A.

Gowing, T.

Gravill, S.

Greene-Hansen, M.

Haasnoot, J.

Haefling, K

Hallbergbrick, J.

Hartley, A.

Hillery, T.

Hood, L.

Hoogenes, G.

Hoyles, J.

Hurst-Foster, P.

James, R.

Johnson, R.

Johnson, T.   Access website in The Core

Jones, H.

Judge, G.

McDermott, J.

Menhennet Hillier, R.

Miranda, T.

Mitchell, D.

Pollock, G.

Rastorfer, C. Email carolyn.rastorfer@ed.amdsb.ca

Redfern, D.

Riddell, C.

Ritsma, C.

Roes, T.

Ruston, K.

Stears, M.

Stone, C.

Trachsel, T.

Treischl, K.

Urosevic, A.

Wallace, J.

Welsh, N.

Weston, T.

Windsor, B.

Wybrow, A.